Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Effective Herbs in Losing Weight

Various herbs contain important and rare nutrients that can help a person lose weight or achieve better weight management. For centuries now, herbal remedies have been used by people for weight management. There are particular herbs that have unique and beneficial properties that aid weight loss. Some herbs boost metabolism while some aids in detoxification.  Some herbs decrease food cravings and improve thyroid function. Herbs for weight loss may come in teas or herbal supplements. However, not all herbs alone can help a person lose weight effectively as it should be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercising. This article will help you learn more about the effective herbs in losing weight. Scan along.

For more than 4,000 years, green tea is used by Chinese people for stimulating metabolism and better digestion. This herb contains beneficial properties of antioxidant source. It reduces accumulation and absorption of fats in the body. It also aids in burning fats. Green tea consists of high quantity of polyphenols that trigger an enzyme, which liquefies triglycerides. With the process of thermogenesis, the body acquires extra energy, hence burning more body fats.

One of the effective ayurvedic herbs for weight loss is the Triphala, which comes in powder form. This herb is made from three fruits that aids in improving eye health, clearing skin, detoxification, and improvement in digestion. It also controls the hungry feeling and reduces the water content to the body.

Another effective herb in losing weight is the ginseng, which helps in burning more calories and boosts metabolism. It greatly helps people with overweight issue and slow metabolism. It can be taken in forms of tea or pills. Cayenne is a natural herb containing a component known as capsaicin. It tends to boost metabolism and stimulate digestion. If your tolerance in spiciness is high, you can use this herb as spice in your foods.

Hoodia is a cactus plant used as an appetite suppressant. It can be found in the Kalhari Desert in Africa. It contains a component that tricks the brain for satiated feeling. It is recommended to people who have overeating issue as this herb can control diet consumption of the person. Similarly, it is available in forms of pills and tea.

Bladder Wrack Kelp is a seaweed herb rich in iodine. It is beneficial in boosting metabolism, losing weight, and strengthening thyroid. It also controls food cravings or too much food intake. Glucomannan is another herb made from the Amorphophallus Konjac roots. It aids in losing weight by suspending the glucose absorption in the intestines. After consuming this herb, a person will have the satiated feeling. This is because Glucomannan gets swelled up once bore to liquids. However, one must be careful in consuming this herb, as there are complaints of esophageal obstruction from some people.

Guggul is an Indian herb that is effective for weight loss. It does not only control the weight of the person but also helps decrease cholesterol levels. This herb can improve thyroid hormones’ levels and functions. The Gymnema Sylvestre can aid weight loss if consumed liberally. It serves as the receptors of the taste buds since it tricks the buds that the body had already consume some sweets. In this way, the person will prevent intake of too much sugary foods.

Lastly is the Coleus, an herb that helps eliminate excess and stored fats from the body. It contains active component known as forkolin, which promotes an enzyme known as adenylate cyclase. This enzyme helps boost metabolism thus leading to weight loss.

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